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imageVik became the first four-point guard for the first squad 6,000 yards
When it comes to Michael Vick, there will be a variety of topics, but there is no doubt that he stepped on a pair of "wind wheels" at his feet. After more than Randall Corningham in 2011, he has led three years in the nfl sale's quartz guards.

On the week, I led the New York Jet 20 to 13 to win the Pittsburgh steel team. Vik once again reached a new milestone: nfl cheap jersey he became the first professional career in history than 6000 yards. Defense.

Vik ranked 83 in nfl sale players, between Calvin Hill and Cedric Benson, assuming that he continued to serve as the first quarter of the jet According to the current momentum, it will rise to 75 after the end of this season, and he won 39 yards in 8 shots in Sunday.

Vic used his play to change nfl jerseys cheap tactics to alliances, and always reminded us what we are the purest football. And if Victor can't get out of the shadow of the bucket event, will he continue his sharp offense? Can he continue to keep him at the Atlantian Falcon? We will never know. Of course, the current reality is that he is still active on the court after the league is replaced, and he is still active, and it is enough to let us still see his talents.

At present, Kam-Newton, the Carolina Black Panther team is the most chance to catch up with Victor. After three seasons, Newton has already taken the 2289 code scorpion before this Monday night, which is enough to listen to the 20th in the four-point guard, ranked in Mark Brunell. Between Roger Staubach.

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